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Fractals and iterated function systems attracted a lot of attention in the late 80s. Since the publication of Evolutionary Art and Computers” in 1992 (by Stephen Todd and William Latham), I have been hooked on the concept of algortithmic art and generative algortihms.
There are a lot of fractal design suites available, but there aren’t too many implementations of generative art algorithms for 3D objects out there. So far, I have found two that implement concepts that are similar to those that were described by Todd & Latham.
  • “Xenobird” is a mutation if an example project in Substance 3D (Neurosystems). Is was exported as a mesh object, converted to STL and 3D printed in PLA.
  • The main body of “Starfish II” was created in EisenScript in Structure Synth. The mesh was converted to STL and uploaded to Shapeways for printing in steel. It is covered in a thin layer of gold.
  • “The Cube” is a flyby of a MandelBox fractal. The MandelBox undergoes parameter changes as the camera moves thorugh the landscape.

“The Cube”. Rendered in Mandelbulber.

Starfish II. Printed in steel. Covered in 24K Gold. Available from Shapeways.

Xenobird. Printed in PLA.


August 2011

Mount Benesi

By |August 10th, 2011|Categories: Generative Art|

Ok, jeg lovet dere fraktalfilmer. Denne tok i overkant av 90 timer å rendre på en i7 i relativt lav oppløsning (1024x768) . Ikke helt fornøyd med flightpathen, men jeg blir av og til litt [...]

I’ll take you to the (eye) candy shop

By |August 7th, 2011|Categories: Generative Art|

Jakten på udda geometrier i abstrakte rom er såpass morsom at jeg uten problem kunne gjort dette til en heltidssyssel - hvis jeg da ikke hadde sultet ihjel pga kontantstrømtørke. Nå som 'bulber har kommet [...]

July 2007

Glemte skatter

By |July 3rd, 2007|Categories: Generative Art|

Det er helt utrolig, men en del programvare blir faktisk bedre med tiden. Jeg ryddet litt i mailboksen min og fant igjen lisensnummeret mitt til Cygnus sin Fractal Extreme (siste versjon ble sluppet i 2003). [...]

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