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“It is a popular but erroneus belief that great inventions have sprung, full grown and completely equipped, from the brains of their inventors, like Minerva from the brain of Jupiter. A closer examination into the history of these inventions generally shows that the machine which impresses us so much by its ingenuity and apparent originality is the result of many small steps taken by many investigators, each starting from the position attained to by his predecessors”, Electrical Influence Machines, John Gray, 1890


July 2017

“Influensmaskinen” – del 1

By |July 11th, 2017|Categories: Electrostatic Generators|

Første gang jeg så en elektrostatisk generator, en såkalt "influence machine" var på midten av 70-tallet på Science Museum i London. Det var en interaktiv utstilling. Jeg husker at jeg nysgjerrig sveivet i gang maskinen, [...]

August 2010


By |August 28th, 2010|Categories: Electronics, Electrostatic Generators|

Du har sikkert hørt uttrykket før. Det stammer fra videospillerens gullalder. Disse beistene kostet en arm og et bein. De hadde en gazillion knapper, trackingkontroll og et klokkedisplay - som gjerne blinket "00:00:00" på pur dævelskap, [...]

Influence machine restoration

By |August 26th, 2010|Categories: Electrostatic Generators|

After buying my influence machine, I contacted the seller again to inquire about its history. He told me that the machine once had belonged to his grandfather, who was the school principal at Ørskog Amtskole [...]

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