Influence machines

"It is a popular but erroneus belief that great inventions have sprung, full grown and completely equipped, from the brains of their inventors, like Minerva from the brain of Jupiter. A closer examination into the [...]


Politicians assume that people are consumers - not makers. This category would never have seen the light of day if EU legislators hadn't suggested banning aroma additives to snus. I bought a "Golden Havana" seed pack [...]


The Götterdämmerung was designed in anger - when MakerBot decided to turn it's back on the open source community and go closed source. I decided to design a printer that was bigger and better than their [...]

Generative Art

Fractals and iterated function systems attracted a lot of attention in the late 80s. Since the publication of "Evolutionary Art and Computers" in 1992 (by Stephen Todd and William Latham), I have been hooked [...]

Coil Gun

The Coil Gun has a modular design. Each 3D printed module houses of a capacitor bank, an accelerator coil, an optical trigger and a charging circuit. The modules can be stacked. The modules could probably be improved [...]

Pajazzo (Spar7)

"Payazzo (or pajatso) is a traditional Finnish gambling arcade game, dating back to the 1920s, when it was introduced into Finland from Germany. The object of payazzo is to flick a coin into one of [...]

Concrete Clock

There are probably better nixie clocks out there, but this one is mine. The Concrete Clock uses four IN-1 Nixie tubes and one OG-4 decatron tube. This was one of my first AVR projects. The circuit [...]

City Beest

The CityBeest is a walking robot that consist of 377 3D printed parts. It has two independent crank shafts that are powered by geared DC motors. These are controlled by an Arduino. Ultrasound range sensors provide [...]